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Dementia has woven its intricate web around millions of seniors nationwide. The implications are daunting - from severe memory lapses, disorientation, and aimless wandering, to struggling with everyday tasks, dwindling social abilities, and challenging behaviors.

For those living with Alzheimer's and their immediate families, this translates to enduring immeasurable suffering. The lack of a cure compounds the situation, heaping physical, financial, and emotional strains on caregivers. Their tireless devotion, as they watch their loved ones become dependent shadows of their former selves, is heart-wrenching.

> Presently, nearly 90 lakh people in India bear the weight of dementia care.
> Forecast of 2036 reveals a staggering estimate of 1.7 Crore Indians grappling with dementia. The repercussions are far-reaching.
> Considering the impact on an average of two family members per person with dementia, we're confronted with a staggering reality: over 50 million Indians will become unwilling participants in this challenging journey.

Dementia India Alliance (DIA) is a non-profit, family carer-centered organization under the Societies Act. With a strong focus on supporting family caregivers, DIA strives to connect, inspire, and empower individuals, organizations, and governments to enhance the well-being of those living with dementia and their families. By addressing the profound challenges faced by individuals and families affected by dementia in India, DIA aims to be at the forefront of the fight against this condition, working towards improving quality of life and fostering a compassionate and supportive environment.

DIA is dedicated to providing essential services which not only benefit those directly impacted by dementia but also provide much-needed relief and hope to their family caregivers. These are:
1. The National Dementia Support Line
2. Online Memory Clinic
3. Caregiver training
4. Awareness campaigns
5. Model support services such as daycare and residential care
6. Community outreach programs
7. Educational workshops / Conferences

DIA's purpose statement reads: To bring help and hope to persons with dementia and their family caregivers

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