Greetings from Dementia India Alliance.

We have great pleasure in inviting you for DemCon - International conference on Dementia, 2024.

DemCon is centered around the theme 'Reaching the Unreached in Dementia Care', and aims to explore solutions to bridge gaps in awareness, advocacy, diagnosis, research, support, and care through deliberations among experts, family and professional caregivers, research scholars, students, academicians, senior citizens, healthcare professionals and policy makers. 

The goals of the conference are:

  • Identifying gaps in dementia awareness, diagnosis, research, care and finding solutions to bridge the gaps.
  • Fostering closer collaboration between the government, Corporates, NGOs, researchers, academicians and service providers to offer greater respite to persons with dementia and their family caregivers.
  • Providing a platform for participants to exchange insights, address challenges, highlighting best practices, current research & innovations.
  • Leveraging the expertise of policy makers and advocacy groups to shape inclusive and effective dementia care policies in India.
  • Submitting recommendations on dementia care regulations, challenges, and solutions to the government of India.

We hope that participants will go back with deeper understanding of the challenges they need to focus on and find solutions for, and also with ideas for more effective care delivery models. Please join us for DemCon 2024.

Dr Radha S Murthy
Organizing Committee

Shyam Viswanathan
Organizing Committee

Countdown to DemCon 2024

DemCon 2024 Themes

Early Identification and Screening 

Access to Diagnosis

Treatment Strategies, Management and Care
Alternative Treatments

Dementia Risk Reduction

Support Systems for Families

Role of the Student Community

Capacity Building and Training

Research and Technology

Policies and Regulations,
Role of Corporates and CSR

Late Stage / Palliative Care

Conference Highlights

Insightful Plenaries & Symposia

Pre-Conference Workshops

Targeted Workshops
> A multi-disciplinary approach
> Dementia-Friendly Hospital
> Active Ageing
> Legal aspects, regulations and insurance in dementia

Abstracts and Poster Presentations


A Virtual Dementia Experience

Day Care for Persons with Dementia

Robotics in Dementia Care


Pre-Conference Workshops - 28th Nov 2024

Pre-Conference Workshops are scheduled on 28.11.2024 to offer specialized sessions on various aspects of dementia care. These workshops are designed to engage professionals, family caregivers, students, and other stakeholders in in-depth learning and practical training.

Please email us on contact@demcon2024.com for more details and to book your slot.
Memory Screening Workhop at DemCon 2024

Memory screening and early identification of signs and symptoms
- For Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, Other Allied Professionals and Students

Robotics in Dementia Care at DemCon 2024

Pathways to Care 
- For Professional and Family Carers, Psychologists and Representatives of Organizations engaged in Care of Persons with Dementia

Drum Jam at DemCon 2024

Cognitive stimulation Therapy - Amy Spectre
- Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers, Representatives of Organizations engaged in Care of PwDs

Dementia Friendly Hospitals

Needs of persons with dementia from vulnerable communities
- For Representatives of NGOs, Foundations, RRTCs

See the full Conference Schedule with details of National and International Faculty

Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Sponsor
INR 7,00,000.00 + 18% GST

6 complimentary delegate passes, a stall at key location, ad in conference booklet, logo in all conference collaterals, recognition at opening and closing ceremonies, join the chief guest at the inaugural, and more...

Diamond Sponsor
INR 5,00,000.00 + 18% GST

4 complimentary delegate passes, a stall, ad in conference booklet, logo in major conference collaterals, recognition at opening and closing ceremonies, and more...

Gold Sponsor
INR 3,00,000.00 + 18% GST

3 complimentary delegate passes, a stall, ad in conference booklet, logo in some conference collaterals, and more...

There are other sponsorship and exhibitor options. Check out all details here - 

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Dementia India Alliance (DIA)

Dementia India Alliance (DIA) is a not-for-profit family carer-centered national organization established under the Societies Act, with a primary focus to provide Help and Hope to persons with dementia and their families. DIA stands at the forefront of the fight against dementia, aiming to improve the overall well-being of affected individuals through compassionate care and support.

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CBR - A Collaborator with DIA for DemCon 2024
NIMHANS - A Collaborator with DIA for DemCon 2024
Ramiah - A Collaborator for DemCon 2024
CommonAge - A Collaborator for DemCon 2024

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Vayah Vikas - Knowledge Partner for DemCon 2024
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