National Faculty

Prof Mathew Varghese at DemCon 2024
Prof Mathew Varghese

Adjunct Professor in Psychiatry, St John’s Medical College

Dr Srikala at DemCon 2024
Dr Srikala Bharath

Senior Consultant - Adult & Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Sridhar V at DemCon 2024
Dr Sridhar Vaitheswaran

Assistant Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Dementia Care in SCARF (DEMCARES), Schizophrenia Research Foundation, Chennai

Dr Dominic at DemCon 2024
Dr Dominic Benjamin

Geriatrician, Bangalore Baptist Hospital

Dr ESK at DemCon 2024
Dr ES Krishna-moorthy

Behavioural Neurologist & Neuropsychiatrist I Founder- Buddhi Clinic I Neurokrish

Dr Soumya Hegde at DemCon 2024
Dr Soumya Hegde

Geriatric Psychiatrist

Nilanjana Maulik at DemCon 2024
Ms Nilanjana Maulik

Secretary General at ARDSI Calcutta Chapter

Dr Ali Khwaja at DemCon 2024
Dr Ali

Counsellor, trainer and life-skills coach
Founder of Banjara Academy

Jwala Narayanan at DemCon 2024
Ms Jwala Narayanan

Consultant Neuropsychologist at the Cognitive Neurology Clinic & Annaswamy Mudaliar Hospital

Dr PT Sivakumar at DemCon 2024
Dr PT Sivakumar

Professor of Psychiatry,
National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences

Sowmya Swaminathan at DemCon 2024
Dr Sowmya Swaminathan

Chief Scientist,
World Health Organization

Dr MR Rajagopal at DemCon 2024
Dr MR Rajagopal

Palliative care physician and professor, referred to as the 'Father of Palliative Care in India'

Dr Radha S Murthy at DemCon 2024
Dr Radha S Murthy

President, Dementia India Alliance
Co-Founder and Managing Trustee, Nightingales Medical Trust.

Dr Alexander Thomas at DemCon 2024
Dr Alexander Thomas

President, Association of Healthcare Providers India (APHI);
Past Director & CEO of Bangalore Baptist Hospital

S Premkumar Raja at DemCon 2024
Mr S Premkumar Raja

Founder Member, Dementia India Alliance
Co-Founder and Secretary, Nightingales Medical Trust

Shyam V at DemCon 2024
Mr Shyam Viswanathan

Secretary - Dementia India Alliance
Management Consultant 

Pavithra Gangadharan at DemCon 2024
Ms Pavithra Gangadharan

Joint Secretary, Dementia India Alliance
Founder of Kshetra Assisted Living by Heritage ElderCare Services Pvt. Ltd. and a Trustee on the board of Heritage Foundation.

Dr Gangadharan at DemCon 2024
Dr Gangadharan

Patron, Dementia India Alliance
Founder, Heritage Medical Centre

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